7 Useful Skills Every Modern Woman Needs to Know

So you’re a modern, independent woman who can fight her own battles and fix her own problems, right? Well, have you mastered every skill on this list? If not, it’s time to start practicing!

Use a Drill

If you’ve never wielded a power drill, then you are in for a wild ride. It’s so much easier to complete DIY projects with a drill, but using one can be intimidating at first. Go slowly, always measure multiple times, and make sure to hold the drill steady.

Jump a Dead Battery

Do you have jumper cables in your car? You should! Eventually, you’ll find yourself with a dead battery that needs a boost. Or you could be the one helping someone else out of a jam! Using jumper cables isn’t as scary as you think. Just pull up a tutorial on your phone and you’ll be good to go.

Change a Tire

Speaking of car-related emergencies, one of the top skills every modern woman needs to know is changing a flat tire. Everybody gets flats, yet many women fail to learn how to fix them. Make sure to keep your car’s user manual in the glove box, since it has instructions on exactly how to complete this task.

Measure Yourself for a Bra

Most women wear the wrong bra size. This can lead to pain in your back and shoulders—and, yeah, droopy cleavage. The best way to get fitted is to go to a lingerie store. But you can do it yourself with a tape measure.

Take Out an Attacker

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to escape an attacker, it’s not the time to channel your inner Wonder Woman or Buffy. Don’t try to throw punches or perform roundhouse kicks. A knee to the groin and a jab in the eyes is your best course of action.

Write a Thank-You Card

On the opposite end of the life-experience spectrum is this necessary piece of etiquette. Writing thank-you notes is the best way to show society that you have mastered the art of adulting. Keep it short yet specific, say thank you at the beginning and the end, and always send it within 3 days. Boom!

Mix a Signature Drink

If you want to seem like the sophisticated modern woman that you are, then you need to learn this last skill. And please note that alcohol is optional—you can make some gorgeous drinks without a drop of the hard stuff. Experiment with recipes until you find one that you really love. Enjoy!