Christmas Makeup Hacks That’ll Carry You Into the New Year


One fun thing about Christmas and New Year’s is that you have a fantastic chance to get all dressed up, with the perfect hair and makeup to match. There are a few things you should keep in mind, though, and there are a few products you might want to keep handy in case the party goes on for longer than expected.

Fake Eyelashes are Your Best Friend

Sure, they’ll feel awkward at first, but if you want to look absolutely fabulous in any holiday photos, they’ll be well worth the effort.

A Foundation That Won’t Sweat

Look for a foundation that has full coverage, but is also lightweight.  This will help create the perfect canvas for whatever look you decide to go for this year.

You’ll Want to Prime Your Face

If you want to give your foundation the best chance of lasting throughout an entire holiday party, be sure to prep your face with primer first.  Not only that, but taking the time to exfoliate at least twice a week will also work wonders.

Be Bold: Wear Red Lipstick

Don’t be afraid to try something new – this year, why not try a nice bold, red lipstick?  This is a color that will work with most holiday hues, and goes well with both Christmas and New Year’s.

Try a Smokey Eye

If you usually go for the winged eyeliner look, maybe this time you could try a smokey eye, instead.  It will give you a similarly bold look, but it is far more friendly as far as smudges go, and it will last much longer.

Eyebrows Can Make or Break Your Face

One area you’ll want to pay special attention to is your eyebrows.  Did you know that having eyebrows ‘on fleek’ can literally make you look ten years younger?  With the recent popularity of having bolder brows, there are many makeup products you can experiment with to find your own perfect look.

Stock Up on Essentials

You’ll want to take along the following items to have on hand in your bag – pressed powder, lipstick and blotting paper.  These three items will help you avoid a dangerous case of raccoon eyes, and will correct any random smudges or spots.