DIY Mother’s Day Gifts (Your Mom Will Actually Like)

It’s not too late to create a thoughtful, handmade gift for your mom (or the mother figures in your life). But how do you make DIY Mother’s Day gifts without veering into “I made you this ashtray in 3rd grade even though you don’t smoke” territory?

Custom Spa Day

Not to toot our own horn too loudly, but we’ve mastered the art of DIY lip balm. It’s a surprisingly easy craft that’s fun to personalize. Create a custom flavor based on your mom’s favorites. You can make a dozen tubes of lip balm in less than an hour. Give her half and keep the rest–I won’t tell anyone!

It’s also easy to make sugar or salt scrubs. Just take a cup of sugar or sea salt, add a few drops of essential oils (we love peppermint or citrus), and stir in enough sweet almond oil to give the mixture the consistency of wet sand. Store the scrub in a mason jar with a pretty ribbon around it.

Monogrammed Leather Keychain

Here’s a classy gift that will last for years. You can create a monogrammed leather keychain in minutes–as long as you have the right tools. If you’ve made other leather projects in the past, then this will be a snap!

You’ll need 6-inch by 1-inch strip of leather, a keyring, and a rivet and setter. It’s also helpful to have a rotary leather punch. To add a monogram, you will also need letter stamps and a mallet.

All you need to do is form a 4-inch loop with the leather strip, leaving 2 inches at the bottom. Make a smaller loop around the keyring, then set a rivet just above the ring to hold the layers of leather together. Add her initials along the strip–then you’re done. DIY Mother’s Day Gift: Unlocked!

Jewelry Organizer

Is your mom always losing earrings or complaining about tangled necklaces? Then you need to whip up a fun and functional hanging jewelry organizer.

For this project, you’ll need a picture frame, a piece of decorative metal sheet or window screen from the hardware store, paint or gilder’s wax, and some cup hooks. You can transform even the lowliest thrift store picture frame into a beautiful hanging jewelry organizer!

Paint or gild the frame, then trim the piece of screen or decorative metal sheet so that it fits the frame. If you’re using window screen, cut it large enough that you can staple it to the back of the frame. With the metal sheet, you’ll need to use glazier points to hold it in place.

Now use a ruler to mark off regular intervals for your hooks along the bottom edge of the frame. Use 4-6 hooks, depending on the size of the frame. If you’d rather use decorative drawer pulls, you’ll need to drill holes through the front of the frame instead.

If the frame doesn’t already have a hanger on the back, add a sawtooth hanger or wire. Now your mom can enjoy a DIY Mother’s Day gift all year round.