Easy Christmas Crafts that You Can Start Creating Today


One of the best things about Christmas, whether you’re an adult or a child, is having the chance to break out your creative side to make the most precious memories for an entire lifetime.

Even better, there is no special skills required for these nostalgic keepsakes. The crafts mentioned below can be created by absolutely anyone. If you’re ready to start crafting, read on:

Tattooed Ornaments

Even if you aren’t able to paint a single stroke, you’re seriously going to love this one.  Have you always wanted a chance to craft your very own, custom Christmas ornaments?  You need only grab blank or solid ornaments of your choice and stick temporary tattoos on them. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Construction Paper Garland

This is a really fun craft activity to do together with your kids. Grab the Christmas-colored construction paper, and get to cutting! You can cut out very simple triangle and circle shapes to represent trees or ornaments, or you can take it to an entirely new level altogether, depending on your ability.

You need only add tape or a string after you’re done to piece them all together, and you can then hang your lovely new garland wherever you please.

Festive Snowflake Coasters

If you’re gearing up for a Christmas party, here is an easy craft that will only take moments of your time. All you need are white pipe cleaners – whether they’re sparkly or not is up to you. Just twist them into flat snowflake patterns, and you’re set!

Uplifting Ornaments

Here’s another ornament craft you can work on together with your friends, or even in a classroom setting if you’re looking for an idea for your child’s holiday class party. All you need is clear ornaments and small rectangles of paper.

Have your family, or children in the classroom, write something special about someone – something that makes them smile, or a good quality they admire in that person on the small pieces of paper.

You can then add those pieces of paper inside the clear ornaments and use a Sharpie or paint pen (or Cricut!) to write the person’s name on the outside. Whenever they need a pick-me-up, they can simply pull out one of the messages from the bulb.

This is especially fun for children since as they get older, they can have a nostaligic reminder of what people found so very special about them.