House plants keep gaining popularity, and I’m here for it.

I’ve always loved indoor plants. They really breathe life (literally!) into our spaces.

And I don’t really know why, but they just seem so peaceful. They make any space feel more inviting.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb. And well, even some of us that do, we don’t always have the time necessary to keep some plants happily thriving.

Good thing there are so many different varieties out there. In fact, there are even some that will withstand almost anything you throw at them, including neglect. Some of them even thrive on neglect, making them nearly impossible to kill.

If you were hoping to bring some extra green into your home, check out this list of low-maintenance, easily adaptable house plants.


aloe plant
Old Farmer’s Almanac

The spiky leaves of aloe plants are really interesting, plus you can use the sap as a skin moisturizer or to treat cuts and burns. Since they’re succulents, you can expect them to be pretty easy-going as long as they get bright, indirect sunlight. I currently have one that’s over 2 feet tall, and it got there with some good ol’ sunlight and neglect.

Snake Plant

snake plant
The Spruce

This unique plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is pretty tough to kill. You could basically forget to water it for a month. Snake plants like low light, too. These tall, vertical leaves will add some serious interest to your indoor space without adding a ton of extra work.

Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo
Love to Know

Also known as dracaena, lucky bamboo is impossible to kill. I promise. I’ve been ignoring some in my house for, like, 10 years now. It’s happy in soil, but will also survive in just water. You’ll often find it with stems that have been trained to bend or spiral in cool shapes, making this a fun, unique addition to your space.


Gardening Know How

I’m in a lot of house plant groups on social media, and nothing pops up more than pothos. They’re easy to care for because they enjoy a wide range of environments. They’ll do well in bright, indirect light as well as low light, so there’s really no wrong way to do it. This trailing vine with heart-shaped leaves is also just really cool looking.

Spider Plant

spider plant
Gardening Know How

Spider plants are one of the most adaptable and easiest to grow house plants out there. They will grow rapidly in the right conditions, and the fast-growing shoots will produce little “babies” that you can re-pot easily — so I hope you’ve got a lot of pots ready, and friends to share with!

English Ivy

english ivy

Outdoors, this vigorous vine makes a great ground cover, due to its ability to spread quickly and tolerance of shade. It’s also pretty invasive in many areas. However, they make lovely plants indoors. In a hanging basket, they will cascade over the sides beautifully. They’re also extremely easy to propagate from stem cuttings.

Parlor Palm

parlor palm
Smart Garden Guide

This plant is one of the most heavily sold house plant palms in the world, and for good reason: it’s super easy-going. It’s adapted to relatively low light, can handle lower temperatures, plus it’s non-toxic to pets.

Air Plants

air plants

Air plants fascinate me because they grow without dirt. It’s definitely unique! Plus, that means no pot of dirt for my cats to knock over. To keep these little guys happy, all you need to worry about is making sure they have bright, indirect light, and soak them in water every 10 days or so.