Fun and Easy Decorative Fall Crafts to Make with Family

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Fall and winter holidays offer all sorts of exciting activities that can be fun for the whole family. There’s apple picking, fall foliage hikes, corn mazes, hayrides, and so much more – but many of these require going out. Most fall crafts, however, can be done regardless of the weather, and without a whole lot of planning and scheduling.

Plus, crafting is an activity that can be enjoyed by family members of all ages and activity levels. That makes these DIY projects especially great for anyone in your family who might be homebound for whatever reason.

Ready to showcase your creative side? Here are 3 festive fall crafting activities that everyone will love.

Paint Some Produce

painted pumpkins and gourds
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Pumpkin carving is one of the first things that comes to mind when prepping for fall festivities. And when done with proper handling and supervision, it can be a great family activity, too.

If you’re looking for an alternative that does not require the use of sharp tools, however, consider a painting project.

Pumpkins can easily and safely decorated with paint, rhinestones, and more. Alternatively, you might want to pick up some dried gourds to paint. It’s fun, folksy, and some rural areas may even have art contests in which you can enter your finished gourds.

Don’t love your finished product? You can always paint over it. Dried gourds can also later be turned into birdhouses or luminaries.

Craft an Autumn Wreath

fall wreath
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Every home needs a festive autumn wreath (or two, or three!) to liven things up for the season. They can be hung on doors, both inside and out, over mantles, or even just on the wall.

The best part is just about anyone can make a wreath, so it’s a great all-ages project.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. Sure, you could use store-bought faux leaves and flowers, but you can also use natural (free!) materials. (Using found foliage is also more eco-friendly, too.)

A brief venture outdoors can help you discover all sorts of leaves, flowers, feathers, and other materials to decorate it. Leftover ribbons and miscellaneous materials from past holiday projects can help you embellish your wreath even further.

For the base of your wreath, you have several options as well. A natural grapevine wreath or a floral form will work, but you can even use a simple ring made of cardboard. Got leftover pool noodles from summer? Those can also be turned into wreath forms.

Create Bird Feeders from Pine Cones

crafting pinecone bird feeders
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Looking for an incredibly simple project that the kids (and grandparents) will love? Pine cone bird feeders are easy – and cheap – to make.

You’ll just need some pine cones, a jar of peanut butter, a small bag of birdseed, and a bit of string or twine.

There’s little explanation required here since it’s as easy as just putting peanut butter on a pine cone. No, really, that’s it. Once the pine cone is peanut-buttered up, simply roll it in some birdseed, and viola!

Attach some twine to the top and tie them to the trees outside to attract some colorful backyard visitors.