How to Boo More and Spend Less – Halloween Decorating on a Modest Budget

If you don’t have Halloween decorations up by October 1, what even are you doing with your life? You’d better snap to it since everybody’s favorite ghoulish holiday is just around the corner.

You don’t have to let budgetary constraints hold you back either. It’s easy to add some festive and frightful flair to your home without spending a fortune. Here are several easy tips and tricks to help you decorate quickly, easily, and frugally.

Do It Yourself

To be honest, DIY décor is often far more unique and enchanting than loading up your yard with premade junk.

There’s absolutely no need to go out and buy inflatable ghosts, fog machines, or fancy projector kits. Your home can look spooktacular without all that stuff.

And as for those expensive wreaths and trinkets from upscale home stores, they can often be easily recreated for next to nothing, too. Trust us, there’s a veritable treasure trove of Halloween projects online, and most are quick, easy, and cheap. Check sites like Pinterest to find clever (and creepy!) DIY décor ideas.

Check Your Local Thrift Store

If you thought thrift stores were just for clothes, think again. There are often all sorts of home goods, too, including seasonal décor. And even if you don’t find commercial Halloween decorations, there are lots of ways you can get creative, too.

Framed paintings, old toys, and other knickknacks are often great for incorporating into DIY décor projects. If nothing else, you can likely find a fantastically priced set of clothing to make into a scarecrow.

Take a Trip to the Dollar Store

Before checking craft and party stores for supplies, head to the dollar store. You might be surprised by what you’ll find. Take it from someone who’s made the mistake of purchasing decorations online, only to later find them at Dollar Tree for far less.

Not only can you often find the same craft materials at a cheaper cost, but dollar stores are typically loaded with premade décor items, too. In a pinch, you could throw up some cheap window-clings or orange and black streamers.

Last, But Not Least… Stick with Tradition

Halloween wasn’t always about having the craziest lawn in your neighborhood. You don’t have to go all out. In fact, one of the most traditional decorations is also one of the cheapest: simply carve or paint yourself a classic Jack-O-Lantern!

Remember, your local grocery store may very well have lower prices than the big commercial pumpkin patches. We suggest shopping around a bit to find the best price on pumpkins before you begin this project.

As an alternative, you might even consider investing in a fake pumpkin you can re-use every year. Super tight budget? You could always make papier-mâché pumpkins out of recycled newspapers.