Home Organizing for a Calmer Fall and Winter

Fall and winter can be busy times for a lot of people. There are a lot of holidays and activities going on, and it’s a popular time to visit family. To help make this fall and winter go smoothly, tackle these organization tips now.

Go Through Your Closet

Soon, or maybe right now depending on where you live, it’s time to swap your summer clothes for your fall and winter clothes. There is no better time to go through your closet and get rid of what doesn’t fit, what has worn out, or you don’t wear.

If you have a swimming suit or tank top you don’t feel confident in, get rid of it. Similarly, if you notice things you’re pulling out of storage don’t fit, add it to the donate pile. Your closet will thank you.

While you’re going through your closet, add any storage options you need to help fit your winter clothes. It’s a great time to invest in vertical options, an extra closet rod, or boxes to stack on your closet shelves.

Get Your Kitchen Ready for Baking

A lot of people cook more in the fall and winter because of the holidays and the lower temperature. Plus, you’re more likely to use certain tools at some time of the year.

It’s time to put your ice cream maker into storage and pull out your pie tins, apple slicers, and turkey roasting pans so they are ready to go. Swap out your summer kitchen towels for your fall designs. It’s also a good idea to reorganize your spice cabinet so you have room for all the nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice you’ll be using. Finally, make room in the pantry for the extra baking items you’ll be collecting soon.

Organize the Garage

It’s no longer blistering hot outside, so it’s a good time to go through the garage. Cleaning and organizing it now will keep it from getting too gross during the winter.

Sort out any decorations you’ll need to be using soon, and put the lawnmower and summer gardening tools safely away. It’s a great time to add some shelves or storage containers to organize all of your off-season items.

Store Off-Season Items

You likely have a big pile of clothes, gardening tools, outdoor furniture, toys, and other items that you don’t need in the fall and winter. Instead of putting these in the corner or in a pile in the basement, take care of them now.

Doing it now will save you time in the long run and make it easier to swap things out next year. Plus, getting it done will help your home feel lighter and more organized overall because you won’t have to keep seeing the things you still need to put away.