Home Projects You Need to Take Care of Before You Retire

Retirement is right around the corner. You’ve got your bank accounts set up, travel plans, weekends with the grandkids lined up… do you have your home in top shape, too? After all, it’s your most important commodity.

Here are the top projects you need to take on before you retire and live a life of luxury.

  • Installing walk in tubs in all of your bathrooms will help prevent disaster down the line. Design has come a long way, too – they look great!
  • If you have multiple floors in your home, relocating your master suite to the downstairs, or installing a chairlift, might be something to seriously consider.
  • Replace any old or almost-broken appliances before you are on a fixed income, and can’t handle such a big financial hit easily.
  • Consider switching to a riding mower instead of a push, or upgrading to a mower that is easy to handle, for your weekend lawn care.