How to Make Pumpkin Vase for a Festive Fall Floral Arrangement


Using a pumpkin as a vase for a fall floral arrangement is easier than you probably suspect. It’s hard to make this fall project not look good.

Follow these steps to create a beautiful centerpiece for your home.

1. Gather Your Pumpkin Supplies

The first thing you’ll need to do is find flowers, floral foam, and a pumpkin for your arrangement. Find a pumpkin that is the color and size you want. It’s best to find a medium or small pumpkin because it’s easier to fill the space without feeling overwhelmed or running out of materials.  Also, avoid pumpkins that are too tall and may be difficult to reach into while you’re making your arrangement.

This is the perfect opportunity to use fresh flowers. If you use silk or plastic flowers, you’ll probably want to get rid of them after because the pumpkin may mold inside before you’re done with your decoration. You can pick fall colors to make your arrangement look more like ‘autumn’ or choose soft colors to make your pumpkin stand out.

Almost any flowers will work well, but try to choose flowers that will last longer so that you can keep your arrangement looking nice. Carnations, delphiniums, chrysanthemums, and alstroemeria are a few that last a while. Finally, pick up some floral foam. Get wet foam if you use live flowers and dry foam if you’re using silk flowers.

2. Preparing Your Pumpkin

The next step is to prepare your pumpkin. Cut off the top, and then clear out the inside of the pumpkin, making sure to hold on to the top. You may want to use a floral pick or some wire to attach the lid to the side of the pumpkin.

Next, prepare your foam. If you’re using wet foam, soak it thoroughly in tap water or a mixture of water and floral preservative.  You don’t need to weigh down the foam; it’ll soak up what it needs and sink when it is hydrated. Once it has sunk, begin your arrangement immediately.

You may have to cut a smaller piece to fit into your pumpkin depending on the size of the pumpkin you use.

3. Make Your Pumpkin Arrangement

Now the hard part is done and you can enjoy making your arrangement. Don’t pre-poke holes into the foam. Instead, cut the floral stems at an angle and insert the flowers into the foam. If you have weak stems, you can strengthen them by wrapping some floral wire around the bottoms.

Once you are done with your arrangement, put it somewhere where you and everyone in your home can enjoy the seasonal decoration. You can keep it until the flowers die or the pumpkin starts to get moldy.