How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

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Coffee is necessary for life. We all know this. But a daily trip to your local cafe can be bad for your budget. Here’s how to channel your inner barista and brew a fantastic cup of coffee at home!

You don’t need to invest a ton of money on fancy gadgets. If that’s your thing, you do you. But we’re all about saving money and living fabulously.

Choose Your Tools

For a great-tasting home-brewed cup of coffee, you need to think outside the traditional drip coffee pot. That way leads to burned flavor and stale, lukewarm nastiness. Yuck!

Instead, you should try a pour-over carafe. It won’t cost you too much, especially considering how much you’ll save in the long run. Coffee aficionados recommend weighing your grounds on a small kitchen scale, rather than using a scoop or eyeballing it, to get the exact right amount.

Buy Fresh Beans and Grind ‘Em at Home

Sure, grinding your own beans sounds like something only a coffee snob would do. But it makes a huge difference in flavor. So does using fresh, whole beans. You want to get your hands on that good stuff as soon as possible after roasting. Stale beans equal stale coffee. You can easily store your coffee beans in Mason jars to preserve freshness.

Grind those beans right before you brew. You can get an inexpensive hand-cranked grinder that will give you the best control over the size of the grounds. Super-coarse grinds lead to weak coffee, while pulverizing the beans into a fine powder will lead to a bitter brew. Experiment a little to figure out the best grind for you–but when in doubt, go medium.

Make Like a Scientist

For pour-over coffee, you want to use 6oz of water and 2 TBS of grounds for each cup. If your water tastes funky at home, use filtered or distilled. Boil it–aim for between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit–and then pour just enough water over your grounds to get them wet.

This step–the “bloom”–is totally crucial. You need to let your coffee bloom for about 30 seconds to release excess carbon dioxide. Then finish pouring the rest of the hot water with a slow, steady hand.

The Perfect Cup

If you follow the tips above, you’ll become a home barista in no time! Although it seems like a tedious process, you may find that brewing pour-over coffee in the morning becomes a mindfulness ritual. Those moments of focus, almost as much as the caffeine, will give you a pre-work boost!

Once you try brewing your own perfect cup of coffee at home, you’ll never go back to those wasteful pods or expensive, gimmicky chains again!