How to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall


When fall comes, it’s nice to bring those comforting scents into your home. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy those wonderful autumn smells.

Make PotPourri

If you don’t want to buy a bunch of candles or other scent items, homemade potpourri is an excellent option. You just need to add your choice of ingredients into a pot that is 3/4 full of water. Boil it for a few minutes, then let it simmer. Save the mixture and reuse it until it no longer smells the way you want.

One of the best fall options is to combine a few cinnamon sticks, an orange rind, a teaspoon of vanilla, a few bay leaves, and two tablespoons of cloves. Nutmeg, pumpkin spice, or apples are some other perfect options to get the smell you want.

Use Candles

This is probably the most likely way people make their homes smell nice for the season. You can find fall candles everywhere from dollar stores to department stores and specialty stores.

If you can, find the candles in person. If you order online, you might not like the smell you get. Plus, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon to get into the spirit of the changing season.

Bake Fall Treats

There are few better ways than baking certain things to bring in the smells and comfort of fall. The smell might not last as long as some other options, but it’s worth it.

Some perfect options include apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, baked apples, and cinnamon rolls. If you’re not up to baking, even just making some apple cider or a pumpkin spice latte can temporarily add delicious smells to your home.

Use Fall Bath and Products

You’re not limited to home-oriented items. Why not carry a crisp autumn scent with you everywhere you go?

If you smell like fall and use products that have the scents you want, you’ll smell them more in your home. Consider a body wash, lotion, or face scrub that has a smell that will linger in the bathroom after you apply the product.

Clean With Fall Scents

If you have to clean anyway, why not find fall scents to clean with? Many companies offer seasonal multipurpose cleaner, dish soap, laundry detergent, and other items that can smell more like autumn.

Maybe your dishes won’t smell like apples and cinnamon after you wash them, but the time you spend cleaning can help get those scents into the air.