8 K-Pop Inspired Beauty Trends You Need to Try Right Now


Have you listened to K-pop yet? If not, you are missing out! There’s a lot of reasons why Korean pop stars like Blackpink and BTS are taking over the world, but today we’re talking about their hair and makeup looks.

Dewey Skin

Sometimes called “glass skin” in South Korea, this beauty trend is for the clearest, dewiest, most hydrated complexion ever. Why use highlighter when your face is already glowing? In the West, we tend to be terrified of shine and use tons of matte products. So basically throw out everything in your makeup bag and start over.

Pink or Red Makeup

The most popular colors in K-pop makeup are pinks and red. Lips are usually either a saturated neon pink or a softly blotted, gradient pink. Cheeks are just barely kissed with pink blush. And eyeshadow looks often involve coral, pink, red, or burgundy shades.

Glitter Eyeshadow

More sparkles, please! Glitter eyeshadow and liner are very popular–as are glitter eyebrows. Basically, if you can put glitter on it, Korean pop stars do put glitter on it. Just make sure that you’re using makeup-quality glitter that’s approved for use around your eyes!

Eye Jewels

Is glitter eyeshadow not enough for you? Then take it to the next level and add small stick-on crystals or pearls around your eyes. This look–like many K-pop beauty trends–is popular on both guys and gals.

Soft Cat-Eye Liner

While most K-pop stars sport some kind of eyeliner, it’s not the crisp, overdrawn cat-eye that we typically see on Western faces. A softer, smudgier, more modest liner seems to be the way to go. “Puppy eyes” are also on trend–to get the look, draw a very petite wing on your liner and then flick down instead of up!

Natural Brows–Or Totally Unnatural

There are two competing brow trends at the moment. Either you’re rocking big, fluffy brows that have been combed for maximum impact, or else you’ve decided to color in your brows to match your hair, eyeshadow, and lipstick.

Candy-Colored Hair

Dying your hair–or at least wearing lots of different wigs–is a job requirement for K-pop stars. They change their hair color constantly, from white and gray to bright red or turquoise. Are you bold enough to try out an extreme hair transformation?

Bright Barrettes

If bleaching and dying your hair is too much, then you can try out a less permanent–but still totally on-trend–style with oversized, brightly colored barrettes. Snap in at least three for maximum impact, and make sure that the colors match your outfit.