Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make in a Flash


Sometimes Halloween sneaks up on you, or sometimes you have a Halloween party to go to earlier than you anticipated and your costume hasn’t come in the mail yet.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t worry. There are lots of options you can do for last-minute fun!


This is the time to hit up your local thrift store or raid your closet. Find a Hawaiian shirt, a straw hat, and a lei to complete the look.

If you have to have a big camera to put around your neck, you’ll get bonus points and be able to be the photographer for your friend’s Halloween party.

Regina George

Mean Girls fans will love the opportunity to dress up as this character. Cut holes in your white tank top and wear a purple bra or another tank top underneath. Add a black skirt, and you’re good to go.


Chances are good that you have enough supplies around your home to make this costume happen. Put on a striped shirt or put on an oversized white shirt.

Add some boots, a bandana around your head, as much pirate-like jewelry as you can find, and either a loose skirt or dark-colored pants. You’ll be sailing the ship in no time.


If you own a black dress, you can put it to work. Witch hats are easy to find at any Halloween store. All you have to do is put on your dress, add some witchy makeup if you want, put on the hat, and grab your broom.

The Bachelor or Bachelorette

This one is simple if you already own evening wear. Dress up in your fanciest suit or nicest dress and get some red roses to hand out.


If you can find a red-and-white striped shirt, fake glasses, and a red and white hat, you’re ready to dress up as Waldo or one of his striped friends. This is an easy one to make a group costume too.

Crayola Marker

If you still have colored skinny jeans in your closet, you’re in luck. Get a fabric marker in a matching color and write Crayola on a white t-shirt. Bonus points if you find shoes that match.

Rosie the Riveter

Roll up the sleeves of a denim shirt and put a red handkerchief on your head. You’re ready to go as this American icon.

Princess Leia or Han Solo

Han just needs a white shirt, black vest, and black pants. Leia just needs a white dress and hair that can go up into her famous buns. This is an excellent couples costume that takes little time to put together.


If you can find a loaf of bread and a fake medal to wear around your neck, you can be a breadwinner. For the best effect, wear a plain t-shirt so that it doesn’t distract from your winnings.