Make Your Home Look More High-End With This Simple, Inexpensive Hack

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You’ve had the hardwoods refinished, slapped a fresh coat of paint on the living room walls, or even sprung for fancy new stone countertops.

Your home is finally starting to look like, well, you. It’s your home, after all.

It’s All About the Details

But you’re finally getting down to the nitty-gritty, and it’s time for the finishing touches. These little details are what make the difference between good and great. Details can make a home truly striking, right?

When thinking about those details, there are some that can really take your space to the next level, but they are often overlooked. I’ve seen even the most amazing, detail-oriented people overlook them.

What are they?

All those utilitarian things — you know, your hardware, doorknobs and hinges, light switches, and even electrical outlets.

I think these things are overlooked so often because we’re just so used to seeing them already. They’re found in every home, from the smallest apartment to the biggest mansion. Perhaps at some point we just stop thinking about that light switch we flip every day.

In any case, these things are really visible in any home. It can pay off big time to give them a little decorative attention.

Add Sophistication With a Touch (or Two) of Black

In the words of the Rolling Stones, “Paint it black.”

Okay, you don’t have to actually paint anything. But finding black outlets, light switches, hinges, and hardware will give your space more definition.

black door handle and deadbolt on wooden door leading into home

Plus, opting for black items instead of the standard metal or white can make them look like a more deliberate design decision, instead of just whatever came with the house when you bought it.

It adds an extra level of intention and sophistication to your space. And with that, it can make your home look and feel more expensive.

The key is to continue this bold design choice in every single room of your home. Go big or go home, right? Otherwise, your home won’t look as cohesive.

These days, you don’t have to shell out a bunch of extra cash to get fancy black utilitarian items, either. Now that black hardware has picked up in popularity in recent years, you can find it at pretty much any price point.

In fact, I can find black outlet covers and light switch plates for less than a dollar at the local hardware store, right alongside the basic white and eggshell options.

That means that you can outfit an entire house without forking over serious cash. And don’t be surprised when these often-overlooked details have a huge impact!