Best Fall Crafts for Adults


Fall is a great time to do crafts. These crafts can make easy decorations to liven up your living space or office as the season changes. Here are some easy crafts anyone can do.

Pumpkin Chalkboard

A chalkboard is simple to make with a little bit of chalkboard paint. Find a cardboard pumpkin to paint over (check your local dollar store if you don’t have one on hand), paint it with the chalkboard paint, and you’ve made a decoration item for any setting.

Apple Wreath

Find a wreath form (grapevine and metal both work well), fake apples, and some plastic greenery. Hot glue the plastic apples and greenery around the wreath until it covers the wreath base. You’ll have a delicious-looking seasonal wreath in no time.

Leaf Luminary

This one is a great way to add some charm to your driveway. Use an old can after you’ve taken off the label. Trace a leaf on the outside, then use a nail and a hammer to poke holes around the pattern. Use an LED candle inside to light up your driveway or garden at night.

Pumpkin Pots

This craft can be done with some paint, mini pumpkins, and either real or fake flowers. Carve out the pumpkins, then paint them metallic colors, green, white, or any other color you want. Use the bottom of a water bottle or floral foam to use as a vase if you want to use real flowers.

Fall Mason Jars

These jars are easy and can be done in many different ways. To begin, find some empty mason jars. Decorate them any way you’d like. Possible options include hot gluing on some burlap, tying some ribbon, or painting the jar your favorite fall color. You could also decorate the jar to look like a pumpkin or scarecrow.

Some people even Mod Podge leaves to the jar. After the jar is ready, fill it with your favorite silk flowers, pencils, or anything else you can think of.

Fall Acorns

You can do a lot with acorns.  You can paint them bright colors, tie a string around them for a rustic look, or paint them in gold and silver. Whatever you do with them, you can add them to wreaths or just use them as decorations around your home.

Felt Leaf Wreath

Find a leaf pattern and cut leaves out of the felt. You can use plaid, plain colors, or vary the options for an interesting look. Glue the leaves to a metal wreath frame.