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If you’re looking at remodeling your kitchen, I’m willing to bet that you’ve looked at marble countertops.

This natural stone has a knack for instantly elevating a kitchen, giving the space a clean, contemporary feel. Plus, it’s become extremely popular in recent years.

However, this stone isn’t always the most practical choice for everyone.

If you’re considering new marble countertops, read these pros and cons before dropping the cash.

Marble Countertops Are Porous and Will Stain

If you tend to get messy in the kitchen, beware: marble is porous. It easily absorbs pigment from drips, spills, or food sitting on it for too long. This means that an accidental red wine spill could become a permanent stain if not cleaned up fast enough.

They Will Also Scratch Easily

This stone is softer than other natural stones, so it’s important to invest in plenty of cutting boards. Cutting directly on the surface will scratch your marble countertops.

It also doesn’t hold up well to heat, so make sure you’ve got plenty of trivets for cookware, too. Hot pots and pans should never be placed directly onto the surface.

Cleaning Marble is Easy

Marble is really easy to clean. There are all sorts of special marble cleaners on the market, but in all honesty, you don’t need them. You don’t need any special products — just some dish soap, hot water, and a damp microfiber cloth.

Stay away from anything that could etch the surface of your countertops, like bleach, vinegar, or lemon-based cleaners. Acid is the enemy here.

Marble Develops Patina Over Time

Have you ever noticed a difference between new and vintage marble? Marble changes with age. It’s almost like it develops a history that makes it more interesting.

Over the years, scratches, spills, and etching start to look more uniform and purposeful. And, to be honest, it starts to feel organic and used and loved.

However, this isn’t for everyone. If patina isn’t your thing and you’re hoping for a more pristine look that lasts, marble might not be your best choice.

Bakers Rejoice

Marble countertops are always cool to the touch because it maintains a naturally low temperature.

This means that if you enjoy baking, marble countertops could be your new best friend. Marble is a great surface to roll out and shape dough, as it keeps the butter in dough cool.

Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

There’s something about real stone countertops that really attracts buyers. While marble is more expensive to install, it’s one of the few upgrades that you will see some return on when selling your home.

And don’t be too concerned with staying on trend in the long-run — marble countertops have a timeless look that don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.