The Best Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Tired of your discount paper towels falling apart before your kitchen even comes close to being clean? Feeling bad about being embarrassed when visitors peek into your stove? Here are our top kitchen hacks to get your kitchen sparkling, and keep it that way.

  • Mix two parts white vinegar with one part lemon juice, and spray it on the inside of your oven with all the melted on gunk. After five minutes, sprinkle with baking soda and let sit for another ten. After that, dirt and stuck on grease should lift right off.
  • Clean as you go, not in the end. Instead of playing on your phone while you’re waiting for your oven to preheat, your soup to warm, or your food to be done, wipe the counters and do the dishes. Small steps like this make a big difference when it comes time to clean.
  • Tired of cabinet or drawer crumbs? Take everything out and use your vacuum with the long attachment to get into the corners and get them clean again! No more standing on stools for hours or ripping up discount paper towels to get everything in the corners.