Tips for Organizing a Pinterest-Worthy Fridge


From our friends at Hey, Pumpkin:

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the inside of a celebrity’s refrigerator, but it’s truly a magical place. Not only do they have the best snacks and beverages (you know, because they’re rich), but everything is perfectly organized and color-coded. There’s no expired milk, four-day-old takeout, a random assortment of condiments, or Tupperware containers missing lids. No, everything is organized to perfection.

While having an organized fridge certainly looks great, it also makes it easier to put a meal together. And, since I’ve taken the time to organize my fridge, I’ve also noticed I’ve been saving money because I don’t end up buying the same food item twice.

If you’re in an organizational mood or just want to have a Pinterest-worthy fridge, here are some simple tips to follow that won’t break the bank.

1. Clean It All Out

First thing’s first, clear out your fridge of expired items and donate any food you know you won’t eat. There’s no point in keeping food that will just go uneaten, it just takes up space. Then, wipe down all of the shelves and consider putting in shelf liners to prevent future spills or stains.

2. Organize

Once the fridge has been cleaned, start to organize the food you have left into different sections. For example, gather your condiments together, put all your vegetables together, etc.

3. Buy Clear Containers

Invest in clear containers, which will help keep your like items together and create individual zones inside your fridge. These clear bins also help you to see what you have in your fridge, so you’ll always know what you have to pick up at the store.

4. Create Labels

After you’ve placed all the items into their individual containers, use a white chalk marker to write what is in each bin. For example, have bins for “vegetables,” “fruit,” “snacks,” or whatever else you decide to buy.

5. Keep Popular Food Front and Center

If you’re someone who frequently visits the fridge throughout the day (no judgment here, I am one of these people), keep your most popular snacks at the front of the fridge.

I love eating cut up veggies with hummus at least twice a day, so I have a container with those items at the very front of my fridge for easy access. Doing this allows me to reach for what I want ASAP, but it also prevents me from messing up my organized fridge two times a day.

6. Eat Me First Bin

Designate one bin in your fridge for food that’s about to expire. Try to pay attention to the expiration date of each item and if you notice something is close to its end, place it inside the bin. This will remind you and the people you live with to eat those items first in order to prevent waste.

7. Stack to Save Space

In order to free up space in your fridge, consider stacking items such as canned beverages or beer bottles. In fact, there are beverage can dispensers you can buy (like this one from Target) that will give you more space and make your fridge look super sleek.

8. Do Not Overfill

There’s really nothing sadder than an empty fridge, but don’t overcompensate by stuffing your fridge to the brim. You’ll only waste more food in the process and end up overspending.

Instead, try to keep your fridge about two-thirds full. Make sure you can see everything that is inside your fridge and that you know where everything is. If you open it up and can’t find something, that probably means it’s time for a clean-out.