Top 3 Fastest-Growing Cities in the United States in 2020

Are you think of making a change? Trying to shake your life up, but you’re not sure where to go? Maybe your wanderlust is demanding you settle in a new city, with new opportunities, but you don’t know where to find a house for sale or where you even want to settle?

These are the top 3 fastest-growing cities in the US if you’re considering changing your life and moving somewhere new, but you’re just not quite sure where to go yet.

Please note these are the largest cities experiencing growth, too. A lot of factors went into calculating what makes them growing cities and a place you should look for a house for sale, like employment rates, medium income, and more. These are cities that are growing and offering opportunities!

#3: San Jose, California

With a projected growth of over 4.7% in the coming years, San Jose, California is an excellent choice to start looking at a house for sale and putting down roots. Located in Silicon Valley, the employment opportunities are only expanding (even if you’re not a STEM major!) and offers a great nightlife downtown as well as excellent outdoor activities just minutes from the city.

San Jose really is the best of all places.

#2: Dallas, Texas

Expect more than one Texas place to be the list of fastest-growing cities, because this big ol’ state actually has a lot to offer. Dallas has a projected growth of over 5% and offers a huge city with a variety of suburbs to live in.

More affordable than its cousin down below, it is also close to plenty of outdoor activities and lakes.

#1: Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas continues to lead in growth, employment opportunities, and more. The lone blue dot in a big red state, Austin is a great place to search for a house for sale – if you’re willing to shell out the money, of course.

With a projected growth of over 6% Austin has seen a huge lack of housing, which means it can be a struggling buying a place. It really is a seller’s market, so be prepared for sticker shock. What you get when you move to Austin, though, is a vibrant downtown life, an amazing and fun culture, and a whole lot of variety.

You can expect Texas to continue to see growth in the coming years, so even if neither of these cities appeals to you, looking for a house for sale in another growing city within this state is a good bet!